Breakthrough believes in the power of education to change young peoples' lives radically.

We believe the middle school years are the critical crossroads where students make choices that will affect their futures dramatically. We are passionate in our belief that every child deserves access to an excellent education and the encouragement to succeed.

Breakthrough Atlanta provides an arena of instruction, skills, and encouragement-as well as mentoring by professional teachers. The goal is simple: to provide the academic instruction, social skills, and confidence students need to succeed on the pathway to college-and in life.

Breakthrough Atlanta’s mission is twofold:

  • We launch motivated, underserved students on a six-year path to college through a rigorous summer and school year academic program
  • We provide an intensive hands-on teacher training experience(internship) for high school and college students, inspiring a new generation of teachers.

Many of our teacher interns are Breakthrough Atlanta alumni who return to give back to other students. Breakthrough celebrates excellence.

The spirit of celebration is energetic, enthusiastic, and contagious. Young people, who would ordinarily downplay their interest in academics, discover that it’s “cool to be smart” – and that learning is fun.

Our success is due to a unique combination of elements resulting in an exciting and energetic educational experience.‚Äč

  • Motivated students who are at the critical age when they are searching for role models, and making choices that will dramatically affect their futures.

  • Enthusiastic and talented teachers who serve as mentors and role models by living the idea that “it’s cool to be smart.”

  • An academically rigorous program supplemented by creative arts, multicultural programs, and public speaking opportunities.

  • An infectious spirit of fun, and a celebration of excellence.