The Lovett School

Breakthrough Atlanta makes its home on the campus of The Lovett School. The Lovett School has generously hosted Breakthrough Atlanta as a partner in fulfilling our mission of placing students on a six-year path to college while inspiring the next generation of educators. Lovett’s campus offers some of the finest academic facilities in the region, with modern classrooms, technology, labs, performance spaces, libraries, and more.

Atlanta Youth Academy

With exponential growth over recent years, Breakthrough Atlanta has recognized the need to expand to a second site.

The Atlanta Youth Academy, which now serves as Breakthrough Atlanta’s newest site, offers a very intimate setting and an opportunity to serve Atlanta’s metropolitan communities with a dynamic enrichment program on a larger scale. For students from pre-K through 8th grade Atlanta Youth Academy is designed for urban children and youth whose families believe in the importance of education but who do not have access, either financially or geographically, to excellent private schools.