Graduate Spotlight: Kacie Geter

Kacie Geter graduated top of her class—the very top—from Carver Early College. Now she’s enjoying her freshman year at the University of Georgia where she’s majoring in Journalism. An aspiring radio show host, Kacie credits much of her outgoing personality to her time as a middle schooler attending Breakthrough Atlanta’s summer programming.

“I look back and it helped me with my interpersonal skills dramatically,” she said. “Everyone comes from different walks of life and we had to learn how to work with each other at a young age.”

Kacie also appreciated learning early on about the importance of college from the teaching fellows who would share their experiences. 

“I got first-hand information from current college students who were getting their degrees,” she said. “That helped me a lot with where I am now.” 

Kacie said her time at Breakthrough Atlanta was an important part of her journey to college. 

“It prepares you for growing up.” 

As the first person in her family to attend college, Kacie is well on her way to achieving big dreams.  

“I will break boundaries for my family and hopefully be the first to create generational wealth.”