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Dreams become realities with the right tools and resources.  At Breakthrough Atlanta, we equip students, their families, and teaching fellows to set goals, succeed, and fulfill dreams.

Breakthrough Atlanta enables limitless opportunities that help students fulfill their dreams and career aspirations.


“I want to be a music therapist and help children all over the world.”


“As a young black woman, I have this power and privilege to get an education and be in programs where I can learn and benefit my environment. College is definitely the option for me.”


“I want to be a Speech Language Pathologist”


“My career path is to become a pediatrician.”


“I want to start my own business and have a positive impact on people’s lives”


“I want to be a Veterinary Rehabilitation Specialist”


Breakthrough has helped me be more responsible and organized. I’m not afraid of asking teachers for help because they’ve done this before.


“I want to get my Doctorate because it’ll make it easier for me to become an entrepreneur and expand my world around me. And when I expand the world around me, I can put money back into my community and back into my family so we can all grow together.”


“I want to be a journalist. I enjoy writing and articles and everything that comes with Journalism.”


“I want to be an FBI agent and work as a special agent.”


“I would like to pursue studies in math and science so one day I can come up with a game-changing idea to benefit all of mankind.”


“My career aspiration is to be a lawyer so I can help those who can’t help themselves.”


“I would like to be a performing artist. I’d like to go to Julliard and spend my time dancing and being in the music industry.”


“I think it is important to go to college because I want to have a better future and a better impact on all of my descendants.”


“I believe that education is the key to success and by attending college it would afford me the knowledge, skills and assets I need to be successful in the real world.”


“I want to be an interior designer.”

Graduate Spotlight

Zion Vital

“I would like to own my own photography studio to continue my work of my business, Horizion Photography, and eventually travel the world.”

Zion-Vital Breakthrough Atlanta Graduate


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