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Are you a professional educator considering an instructional leadership role? Are you interested in taking on more responsibility at your school as a master teacher, department head, or committee chair? As a Breakthrough instructional coach, you will receive meaningful professional development while helping prepare the next generation of educators. Your coaching will positively impact our undergraduate teaching fellows as they spend the summer working with highly motivated middle- and high-school students. Each summer, Breakthrough instructional coaches work with over 1,000 undergraduate teaching fellows across the U.S.


As a Breakthrough instructional coach, you’ll receive valuable professional development that will help you hone your craft. In the nine-week residency, you’ll learn:

  • Research-based teaching strategies
  • Best practices for teaching observations to identify strengths and areas of growth
  • Best practices for delivering actionable feedback


As a Breakthrough instructional coach, you’ll practice essential leadership skills. In the fall, you’ll return to school revitalized by the energy and collaboration of a summer at Breakthrough.

  • Lead instructional trainings and professional development sessions
  • Lead department meetings
  • Use your curricular expertise to review lesson plans
  • Sequence and revise curriculum based on students’ needs



Check back for Summer 2023 Dates

Atlanta Stipend
$4,000+, commensurate with Breakthrough experience

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