Graduate Spotlight: Zion Vital

Participating in Breakthrough Atlanta helped Zion Vital develop networking and social skills that built up his confidence at a young age.  

“Breakthrough Atlanta does a good job of making students feel worthy and feel like they matter,” Zion said. “The teachers really do care about the students. They make sure students have everything they need physically, emotionally and socially to succeed.”

Zion has certainly succeeded. In 2020 he was selected as a Posse Scholar, which earned him a full-tuition scholarship to The Wooster College where he currently attends.

“The feeling of getting the Posse scholarship was exciting and rewarding,” Zion said. “I remember how when they told me on the phone the night after my last interview, I told my mom and we both cheered in joy. I was relieved to know where I was going to college in January of my senior year.”

As for his post-college plans, Zion’s eyes are set on entrepreneurship.

“I would like to own my own photography studio to continue my work of my business, Horizion Photography, and eventually travel the world.”