Fund-A-Scholar 2020


NOVEMBER 9–20, 2020

In lieu of our annual fundraising event, Breakthrough Atlanta has launched the Fund-A-Scholar Campaign to ensure Breakthrough can meet students’ needs during this challenging time. Our Fund-A-Scholar Campaign will allow Breakthrough Atlanta to offer life-changing educational programs to students who need it the most.

Now more than ever, students across Atlanta need Breakthrough. School closures, social isolation and economic upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic threaten to derail students from their path to graduating from high school and attaining a college degree.

Breakthrough Atlanta provides a path to college for highly motivated, underserved students while simultaneously inspiring a diverse new generation of teachers. Breakthrough’s six-year, tuition-free program empowers nearly 600 students each year with the academic, social and emotional tools they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.


The combined support of our generous sponsors will match every gift dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000, so your gift will go twice as far to support our Breakthrough students.


Neiman Marcus




Stacey Beardsley
Meg and Kevin O’Keefe
Angela and Eric Cunningham


Natalie Aide
Ashley Aiken
Jen Ansley
Hilton Ball
Stacey Beardsley
Martha Bosworth
Julie Bradbury
Shanna Bradley
Sumner Bradshaw
Lillian Brown
Neysa Dillon Brown
Ashley Bundy
Jaclyn Cannon
Elizabeth Castellaw
Dorothy Christians
Mary Pillow Cornett
Angela Cunningham
Rene Cunningham
Tess Dean
Charmi Desai
Jennifer Doller
Elizabeth Draughon
Missy Ferguson
Kate Fornasiero
Kara Galbraith
Emily Gately
David Ghegan
Liz Giardino
Amy Githens
Liz Godwin
Laura Graber

Julia Green
Ellen Grisette
Valerie Hammerton
Burch Hanson
Catie Hart
Kereth Hicks
Vivian Holland
Suzanne Hough
Kathryn Howell
Dana Hudepohl
Nikki Ibbotson
Pringle Jackson
Catherine Jaxon
Melissa Jernigan
Melissa Johnson
Parker Jones
Alison Jones
Becca Kamerschen
Nikki Kasow
Andrea Kauffman
Jennifer Kellett
Lauren Kelso
Ree Kennedy
Lauren Kuzniak
Sharon Leone
Mary Lucy Lester
Sarah Lindsay
Carrie Lovein
Suzanne Loyd
Kimberly Lusink
Molly Lynch

Imani Mance
Beth Marshall
Laura Martorella
Katie Mauldin
Annie May
Moire Menning
Sam Minutelli
Lynne Moss
Katie Nalley
Rebecca Nixon
Meg O’Keefe
Sarah O’Brien
Melanie Paidipalli
Alice Park
Scott Pilcher
Crosby Pope
Isabel Pope
Rosemary Porter
Brittain Prigge
Lissa Pryor
Lori Quackenbush
Jennifer Raulet
Amy Rees
Emily Reid
Nancy Robataille
Kristi Roche

Allison Rosenblatt
Darby Sands
Angelle Schaumburg
Cathy Shaifer

Alice Sheets
Kathryn Simms
Rebecca Brodnan Smith
Sharonne Smith
Sara Snuggs
Harrison Spry
Kathy Stevens
Kimbrell Stribling
Jenny Taubel
Mimi Thomas
Leslie Thomas
Jennifer Trevett
Kelly Turner
Clay Underwood
Jennifer Wade-Berg
Simone Walsh
Katie White
Sarah Williams
Natalie Wilson
Kelly Wood
Kira Wood
Katie Wright
Tyler Wynne
Julie Yates
Martin Yoder
Alana Zrno