Mission & Vision


Breakthrough Atlanta Pursues a Dual Mission to:

  • Increase academic opportunity for highly motivated, underserved students and get them into college ready to succeed; and
  • Inspire and develop the next generation of teachers and educational leaders.


Enabling Full Potential

Our vision is to create an empowering educational experience that results in equitable access to higher education for our students and prepares our teaching fellows for education sector roles, enabling all of our students, teaching fellows, and instructional coaches to achieve their full potential as learners, teachers, leaders, and agents of change in their communities.

Breakthrough Atlanta students

Every young person deserves access to an excellent education and the encouragement to succeed, but long-standing and complex inequities create gaps that disproportionately prevent some students from getting the resources and support they need to attend college. For more than 25 years, Breakthrough Atlanta has been closing these gaps.


To combat summer learning loss that occurs among students whose families don’t have the means to pay for quality summer enrichment—and to address education inequities resulting from systemic societal barriers—we engage students while they’re in middle school—a time of tremendous academic, developmental, and social change. Through summer and yearlong programming and support, Breakthrough Atlanta works with students and their parents or caregivers to enable a successful pathway to high school graduation, college, and beyond. And by simultaneously offering a hands-on teaching internship experience unlike any other for college students, we create a critical pipeline of future educators.

Breakthrough Atlanta is a member of a national network called Breakthrough Collaborative with 25 affiliates across the country.

Breakthrough Collaborative programs have a far-reaching, nationwide impact. Each year Breakthrough connects 10,000 students with 1,100 college-aged Teaching Fellows in 25 cities across the country. 


We are Breakthrough Atlanta:

We are the young people who make a difference,

striving toward academic success and personal mastery.

We participate fully in a six-year, year-round,

academically intense, study-skills based enrichment program.

We come with open minds, willing hearts, caring souls, and high expectations.

We are people of humility, wisdom, nurturing, and forgiveness.

We are Breakthrough Atlanta.


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